Intentions for Growing

November 2019

Deep Dive

Intentions for Growing

By Maureen Hewitt – Master Coach



 How many times have your ‘good intentions’ for making a change fizzled out?

Think New Year’s resolutions!

 What is that all about?

The answer is ‘Intentions that are not ACTIVATED  properly are not INTEGRATED properly’

What this means in terms of output and effort is:

short term  + high investment

medium term + hit and miss results

    long term = no return


The Return on Investment on effort put in to changing is directly related to the Activation of Intention in our systems on a daily basis


When our clients are at the exciting stage of Coaching where they are putting new values and beliefs into action for change you will observe two possible paths they will take.


Path A – about 85% of coaching takes this route

Great start, willingness level medium, commitment level medium, wholesystem activation level low.


Path B – about 15% of coaching takes this route

Great start, willingness level high, commitment level high and wholesystem activation level high.


Most quality coaches know how to enable willingness and commitment levels to move up, the real challenge is knowing how to get the activation engines on and then maintain the dial at a high enough level for it to become a daily discipline.


It is imperative that if we want intentions to keep us growing, we need to draw on all possible resources available to us from our wholesystems

Growing our Knowing

We are all familiar with the term AI and the constant discussions around how Artificial Intelligence will replicate and replace certain activities that humans can do. This will change our lives for sure and for the majority, in a good way.

At PSG we use the term A2I, it relates to Coaching with Neuroscience that proves you have to Activate 2 Integrate. It describes the neurochemistry present in humans which is the biological energy and information transfer and exchange in our integrated system.  It is living energy that can never be replicated by anything other than humans, it makes us unique and irreplaceable.

Traditional coaching has in the main been structured with one key brain element of our human system as the main resource for change as it minimizes the interference that comes when the wholesystem is in play.  However, this also minimises the opportunity for full alignment and often results in short term gains/change/results.

When we use the WIN approach to coaching, we are accessing the human Wholesystem Integrated with Neuroscience.

We are using the already integrated connected system of HEAD brain to the HEART brain to GUT brain. We are ensuring that all the competencies and skills we are using are accessing the combined wisdom and unique strengths each brain has to offer.


Our human Wholesystems includes 3 known brains, Head (cephalic), Heart (cardiac) and Gut (Enteric) which are real brains with their own memory and wisdom sitting in sets of neurons, ganglia and hormones.  All 3 use neurotransmitters to communication through a signalling system unique to each brain but understood by all.

Let’s take a quick view in to one way of levelling up your coaching to bring more WIN to your Coaching. A simple starting point is to grow your knowing of the WACN competencies and behaviours.

While there is lots to learn from the WACN competencies table, we can start by levelling up with the foundation cornerstones that all Co-active coaches already know.

Thanks to WACN, we have moved from Co-Active Coaching to Co-Activity Coaching


Below is a quick view of Indicators and Derailers to start the levelling up of your coaching practice.

See if you can spot the difference that Neuroscience activation and integration has made.


WACN CO-ACTIVITY Cornerstones competencies


Activity Co-active Cornerstone 1.

Client is resourceful and INTEGRATED in a wholeSYSTEM

Activity Indicators

  • Listening for evolutionary echoes
  • Intercept (startle) to bring awareness of evolutionary echoes and belief triggers
  • Track to new thinking, new potential in the potentiator space.


  • Coach not intercepting old thinking patterns
  • Coach not holding true belief in the client’s potential

Activity Co-active Cornerstone 2.

Dance and REACTIVATE in the moment

      Activity Indicators

  • Chemistry and fit
  • Contract for client potential and Every Growing Mindset
  • Prime for SURE
  • Sustaining trust
  • Notice changes in the client’s neuro state (traffic light system) and lead to positive neuro engagement
  • Focus on creating momentum


  • Coach not leading the right chemistry into the session
  • Coach remaining in Go state
  • Priming not laid down properly

Activity Co-active Cornerstone 3.

Client holds and EVOLVES the Agenda

       Activity Indicator

  • Deep dive on meaning and expected outcome of agenda holding full ownership and responsibility with the client all the way through the coaching relationship


  • Head, Heart and Gut integrated resources for full potential not examined
  • Values not aligned and active in every day intentions for actions.

Activity Co-active Cornerstone 4. Evoking Transformation and EMERGING TRANSFORMED

       Activity Indicators

  • Catalyst for change.
  • Responds when client’s energy shifts from a forward motion state to avoidance state
  • Shift energy in the session to move client forward and best serve client agenda
  • Create safe space to refocus and recalibrate and reassess
  • Match and grow the levels of confidence to and through the levels of success


  • Coach impacted by their own limitations
  • Coaching challenge to great/fast for the client to grow to

When we start practicing our coaching with new ‘activity’ competencies in play, we enable change that is wholesystem.  In short in enables Intentions for Growing that continues after the coaching finishes.

If you are already a member of the WACN you will have access to the FREE 45 minute special webinar on offer on 28thNovember where you can join us for a MasterClass on using neuroscience to WIN@Coaching


Evolving our Professional Practice

During the month of November, we will look more closely and deep dive further into how to Activate Intentions in our coaching

Join us online for our Live-Broadcast and our Live-Event in November for further exploration, discussion and application of this new knowledge.

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In PSG and QCC we have purposefully built roles and focal points for interactions and energy exchanges to happen (online and face to face) We have advanced and evolved our design of coaching to encourage different groups of connections to happen.


I hope you enjoy the content and new thinking for this month’s QCC theme.

Enjoy your month of November and see you online or at a live event soon

Together is better!