QCC Professional Coach Audits leading to the QCC Practitioner Award for Excellence ( QPC)

This is the first of the QCC CORE COACHING SERVICES. This service is available for members and non-members

There is no doubt that some of the paths available for credentialing coaches are far too complex in terms of hours, cumbersome in how to apply and obtain them, and way out of touch for today’s marketplace and indeed workforce because it is mostly a ‘knowledge assessment’ based on a traditional table of competencies. The feedback we have received from businesses around the globe is that these forms of credential-holders are seen as a barrier for being selected  due to the hit and miss quality of knowledge and mediocre practice of coaching. We know this hurts but we have to face in to the truth and rather than complain about it do something about it.

That’s exactly what we have done…

In 2016, with the frustration levels of coaches and businesses at an all time high and the degree of trust in terms of what was available at an all time low, we brought all the best of coach training, development and CPD together and launched the QCC Practitioner Coach Audit – a robust real-world quality check for the highest standards of practice and ethics for practitioner coaches.

QCC awarded coaches are leading the way in the more advanced whole-system approach to coaching that is essential for the evolved potential and complex agendas clients now bring.  QCC awarded coaches demonstrate their ongoing engagement and commitment to quality coaching CPD that is the most up-todate and represents the most evolved version of coaching available.

This offers the QCC award for excellence holder a place in the enviable position of being out front in terms of real quality, real application and real world practice.

The QCC Practitioner Coach Audit is designed to allow quality coaches who really do stay at the top of their game stand out with a quality mark that tells the world – they don’t just know quality coaching, they can actually do it!  This is fast becoming the  quality standard mark and indeed requirement for coaches who want to prove they practice at the highest standards

The QCC Practitioner Coach Audit involves submitting a recording of a 30 minutes coaching session with your written reflection of the session.

The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the highest Quality Coaching Standards are being met and evidence exists of them in action.

The session recording will be evaluated by the QCC Director of Quality Practice and Ethics.

In the case of criteria for passing the audit has not been met, coaches will receive a report which sets out areas for development in order to meet QCC quality standards and can then chose to retake.

Coaches who meet the QCC Quality standards will receive the QCC Practitioner Award for Excellence which will be valid for 12 months. They will also receive a brand signature of QPC that can be used in all their promotional and branding material as long as their award is in date. This is a huge advantage for those coaches wanting to stand out as credible, high-quality practitioners.

Coaches awarded with a QCC Practitioner Coach Audit have the added bonus of being eligible to be considered for the PSG  Professional Coaching Panel  and will be offered a position of promotion within the QCC website.

This is an exciting opportunity to have your coaching evaluated, enable you identify opportunities for growth and a must-have to demonstrate CPD evidence to support your coaching brand.

QCC Practitioner Coach Audit requires an investment of €120 payable when submitting your recorded session

When you are ready to submit your recording and reflection you can pay by card below. If you wish to pay by invoice or bank transfer please contact us directly.

(QCC Master Practitioner Coach Audits will be available to members and non-members later in the year)